Beer Run in Bratislava

About the Beer Run

Our Beer Run is a friendly event, where a few houndred thirsty and sport-eager guys and girls meet every year on one september saturday to enjoy an afternoon full of fun, beer, laughter and rock music. Beer Run has been run in Bratislava since 1997 and is becoming more and more popular every year.

We warmly invite you to join the

28. Beer Run in Bratislava on September 21th 2024

starting at 1pm in RANDAL Music Club (Karpatská 2)

Basic Rules

  • Each team consists of 2* members/beer-runners
  • There are 7 pubs on the route, from which the start/finish pub is fixed, and the other 5 pubs around Bratislava can be visited in any order chosen by the runners
  • Each team member has to drink one beer in every pub in front of our jury. Guys drink 0,5l beer/bar, girls 0,3l (except of start/finish, where the girls also drink 0,5l beer)
  • The fastest team wins the main prize. But we also reward many other criteria, e.g. the most likable team, the best team name, the most excellent performance, the most original dress and more...
  • You can run, walk, or use the mass transit for transportation between the pubs - no taxi, bikes, skates or any other trasport devices are allowed.
  • Afterwards we all enjoy an evening packed with cool live rock music and even more good beer - Bakalář from Rakovník :)
(* exceptionally there can be 3 members in team)

Check out the atmosphere of the Beer Run in this video


2 runners - 7 beers - Tons of fun :)

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